Estimated budget for taxis in France

Many times people do not think about rates, they just go out, say that are going to travel, they take their bags, go to the airport and arrive to their destination with no much money. It is great to have vacations! Enjoy with friends, eating new and exhotic food, know new people and cultures; to have a great adventure could be expensive, but the experiences are the best part of traveling.

Taking in count that many taxi drivers take advantage of people who do not know where exactly is a place, we are going to look for some rates to share with those travelers who want to get exciting adventures; knowing an estimated budget for taxis in France. All the people like to take risks, but they like to have the enough money to make that adventure a little better; travelers hope to get amazing days in the country they visit and enjoy with no worries.

The taxi rates are not cheap in France, but the service is of quality; the treatment of their drivers are much better than anothers countries, in addition, they are training for a better service. They can talk with you in your language or start interacting in a polite way, without feeling stress or annoyed about their quetions. They are learning our languages to be easier to find and to offer a great service, inclusive they take etiquette lessons.

But what about rates in the taxis, extra charges, taxes, the stay in the hotels, the best contact in Paris, the economic service or the best attention. There are some questions that we could ask ourselves or to someone else; all the people like to know how operated the place that they travel to. Estimated solutions to get the enough money to carry with you in your travel around France, could be given here. Take notes!

There are a lot of things to know about France, but one of the first to take, is the cost of the trip, the traveled must know, the kind of services, Paris offers, the places to visit, the hotel to stay and the companies to call according to the service they are needing. Some of the most important numbers to remember are from hospitals, police and firefighters. There are some important contacts more, but these are the ones which could save your life and the life of your partners.

If you stay about a week or two in France, you must know that each ride could cost among ten euros to fifty, depend of the distance and the service given; if you consider the price you paid the first taxi driver is ok, save his/her number and keep in contact.

Going to the main places could be more expensive than to be on less visited. Paris taxi rules say that up three passengers will pay just one fare, like it were just a person, but the fourth has to pay three extra euros; some taxis have space for more than four people, so the fare would be the same; the taxi drivers charge the destination, not the quantityof passengers, but the fourth one must do it.

They charge an estimated of 2.60 dollars per just drop you, and the cost of the ride is approximately, 2.70 dollars per mile plus the ten percent of tip once you go to your destination. / The way they take the charges are the following, each fare starts with a base charge of about 3 dollars,by each mile you pay 2.16 dollars. They are two differents opinions, those are estimation about the main rates. According the places to visit in France or the time you are going to spend there, you must take an aproximately budget, the ideal is never take the complete money, because when you are in another place,you use to spend more money than you even have.

There are many taxis which rafes are more expensives and it is because of the service they offer. A ride to Paris city center has a charge of about fifty euros, but overnights they use to charge more. The normal tip is ten percent, but if your experience was great, you could give more, or if it was not, you should know how much to gift. When you are traveling around the city, the meter calculate the journey, but if you go outside there, you could get agree with the driver how much you could pay.

Normally when we go to a restaurant, at the time to pay, we usually give a tip who the person was in our service; the same happens with a ride in a taxi, if we would like to tip the driver, we do it if we do not want, we just pay what is registered. But we have to know reward he/she deserves it. The tip starts with the five percent up to more than you would like to give. But if you take some bags and the driver help you with, be a must to give him/her tip. You should never think about it like an obligation, you rather think that is a gesture. In Paris is not an obligation to tip, but the most of Parisians give it.

Although in others cities the tip is expected, Paris system always include the tip by law, for the most of the visitors is confusing, but if they are in Paris, they need to know the laws and the tippingis one of them.

Some directions are too dificults to learn, and some others, the place where we want to go is far. The easier to do is to take a taxi. When you arrive France, is at the Charles de Gaulle airport and your destination is the center of Paris, the fare is about fifty euros; the other option could be to take the RER train, it cost ten euros and last about fifty minutes.

Take a train is cheaper than a cab, but the stressful of the crowds, the time they spend  and the road it goes, is extremey different than taking just a car for a person which follow an order, an only road, which goes directly where you want to. We could use one, but take in mind the time you waste or the distance you cover; use a train is economic, but if you do not have much time to spend, it is better to use a cab.

Another common question is that if all taxis accept credit cards; no at all, you need to take about one hundred euros in cash or to know where are ATM works according the road.Travel around France is sometimes expensive, but it is safe. Do a schedule to follow and putt he closer places together, draw your own map with the route of your adventure, it is going to make easy the moving from one to another place or destination.if you are not sure about it, well there are a lot of companies who offer excellents taxi´s services, but the rates are more expensive than normal cabs.

You are going to see a pair of abbreviations in the screen of the meter, HT in french is hors taxe (taxes by hour), and are part of the charge to pay. Taxis charge always is per mile, they only charge by minute if the speed is bellow than 11 MPH.

Some cab´s drivers are not the owner of the cabs they drive, they are the people who charge more than normal, when you contact somebody who drives his/her own taxi, save his/her number without thinking twice; those people are who charge less and ask economic prices. They care their own cars, so they are going to go at the speed they must go.

A short ride would cost among ten to fifty euros plus the ten percent, because although you do not want to pay it, you must! In Paris is an obligation tipping, it make it a law and it always is the ten percent. Some people have refused to pay the tip and they knew the french police; if you do not want to have an embarrased moment like that, you have to know about laws of the city or country, you are going to travel around.

France has the best taxi service, but we have to know the cost of moving. Short distance are cheaper than to travel outside the city and the charge could be calculated by time and no by miles. Some companies offer better conditions, a variety of vehicles, and they include the taxes in the original price; they offer safety moving, a time of waiting in airports and they let you know who will be your driver since you are hiring the service. Also offer special price for groups, so if you go with friends, ask about the discount that they could give you.

No one think about a crash car on their vacations, but we never know what could happen, and some companies are offering a package which include social security life; it is a method to make more customers, and to make them feel safe and protected, but they be hired by operated tours.

The most of the people who travel to France, have not hired a tour package, they arrive to the country by themselves, ones looking for job, and others for ventures, some of them travel alone, by groups or couples; so the taxis offer the package according the quantity of people; they already have ready to go and have the permissions to drive around the places they are offering to.

When you travel, you need to be sure about what you want to enjoy on the travel; there are differents cabs, new styles, with some modifications that let you choose among places in Paris, and even activities going on the cabs like playing music, choose videos or even drink or eat something, this is because they want that you have the best experience in a cab ever. Those all things you can look for with taxi´s companies services; the most contacts you can get, the best experience you have.

The taxi industry offer cheap, comfortable  and reliable moving; some companies say that offer the best quality service, but if you do not have a reference, you can not believe until you try going there. Many taxi services are presents in the airports and they explain you the way they work, the charges they cost and the many things more they offer like different tours per day or night, or just the moving to your hotel.

They give a wide variety of car and driver services in all locations of France, and if you have not the location to stay, the drivers could show you which hotels are more economics or according what you are looking for. We expect to enjoy in all the places we go and that is what the customer is also looking for; so the experience to share is already tried and the stayed in satisfaction guaranteed.

The real budget to take with you is among your stay in France and your daily transportation which could be from fifty to eighty euros per day, just talking about moving. The taxi drivers could make you discounts per service, so try to use the same contact to move around France, they know the best places and the access to cultural centers. The sofistication of the city of Paris is from another world, so we must use the best transportation we could get. Now that we know an estimated budget, we need to save the enough money and meanwhile to go planning which way of transportation will be used. France is opened to attend all the visitors want to go and enjoy its beautiful places, exhotic food and the pretty Eiffel tower. Taxi industry is waiting for people to move who want to get unforgettable memories among the streets on their ellegant and modern cabs.